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Amy Pasinski
Community Blogger, www.PoopInACandle.com

Poop In A Candle, is what lead me to this new adventure: blogging!

Next year I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband, Joe.  We have five children.  Joey is 8, Jadon is 6, Christian is 5, Elia is 2, and Grace is 1.  The girls are 11 months apart.  Oops.  A great oops! 

I am hoping this site becomes a place you will visit daily.  Maybe you'll visit during nap time with a cup of coffee.  It may be after you shut the windows so the neighbors don't hear you lose it.  It may be at the end of a LONG day.  Maybe it will be after a tender moment shared with your husband or child. 

Let's do life together.  Let's encourage each other.  Let's share our highs and lows.  Isn't it awesome when we realize we are not alone?  We are all on the same journey.  We are women learning how to be wives and moms...and striving to do it well!

Today I begin this new journey.  I hope you don't expect perfection....you won't find it here!  I will be honest and open.  These are my thoughts and experiences in print.  I am looking forward to sharing in yours.