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Western New Yorkers Asking Where’s the Snow?

Western New Yorkers Asking Where’s the Snow?

Jokingly known in some circles across the country as the ‘Snow Capital of America’, Buffalo, NY is certainly looking to break its namesake this winter.

To-date our city has managed to fight off its first snowflakes until December 2nd, a feat that fell just one day short of a record that was set back in 1899.

In addition, we’ve also had only 2.8” of snow recorded so far this month which pales in comparison to last year’s total of 18.7” by December 13th. 

Granted, last year we had a fluke snowstorm that shut down the Thruway, but such little snow is not the norm around our great city and certainly the 52 degree temperatures in mid-December is highly unusual as well, so what gives?

According to the National Weather Service, the majority of the disparities are the cause of an unusual Jet Stream patter

Hauntings in Your Town

Hauntings in Your Town

For paranormal investigators, Halloween means more than just Trick or Treating, dressing up in costumes and scaring the wits out of each other, it’s about the heightened ability to communicate with the spirit world.

While you can communicate and experience the paranormal all year round, there is undoubtedly something extra “spooky” about this time of year that tends to bring out our inner fears.

TV and Hollywood have now brought this field into the forefront with shows such as the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures and the Sci-Fi network’s popular Ghost Hunters, and who can forget the major success of the Paranormal Activity franchise.

In fact, those very shows have investigated haunted buildings right here in our own backyard on numerous occasions. 

Ghosts Are Real: My Experience

Ghosts Are Real: My Experience

Here’s my disclaimer: I do not like scary things.

Never in my life have I gone to see a horror movie and for perspective purposes, the movie “Signs” kept me restlessly awake for over a month.

So take that into consideration when I tell you that the idea of the paranormal scares the be-Jesus out of me. 

The funny thing about the paranormal is that it doesn’t care if you are scared, it will exist without you. That was case when I was growing up and is still the case today.

My first memorable experience with the paranormal was when I lived in Alden, NY.  I was just 4 years old at the time and woke up to the sounds of a party going on downstairs in my basement.  By party, I mean people laughing, talking loudly and music playing.  It was loud enough to wake me out of a sound sleep.  As I crept downstairs to sneak a peek at this party, I noticed that the lights were not on.  No one was down there.

Ghost Stories of the Roycroft Inn

Ghost Stories of the Roycroft Inn

Strange things have been seen and heard at the Roycroft Inn, located in the heart of East Aurora at 40 South Grove Street. Stepping on to the campus pushes you back in time as you view the Inn the way it looked when it was originally opened. It wouldn't be surprising if you saw a ghostly figure from the same time period as well ...

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You Don't Want to Know

It's the end of the night and the boys are getting ready for bed.  They are doing their last minute teeth brushing, water sipping, and using the toilet.  I am in my bed.  Then, I hear the following,

Bathroom door opens.

Jadon screams, "Ewe!" in a high pitched, screaming, disgusted, voice. 

Joey, "It was a mistake!  Go get the paper towels!"

Jadon, "Oh my gosh.  How did you do that!"

Joey, "I don't know.  Just go get the paper towels."

Jadon runs out and slams the bathroom door shut.

Joe opens the bathroom door.

"Joey!" yells Joe.

Joe continues, "What in the world did you do?  How did you make such a mess?"

Joey explains, "I don't know it was an accident."

"Don't touch me.  Don't touch anything.  It's all over your hands.  Don't touch your face.  Ah, now it's on your face!"  Joe yells anxiously.