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The meaning of Thanksgiving as President Lincoln intended it to be

We get so lost in the secular version of thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday, that we have forgotten the reason for this holiday. We no longer give thanks as President Abraham Lincoln wanted in celebration of America being one after the Civil War. We no longer give thanks as intended but rather see it as a day of greed in some cases

In 1621, after a hard and devastating first year in the New World the Pilgrim's fall harvest was very successful and plentiful. There was corn, fruits, vegetables, along with fish which was packed in salt, and meat that was smoke cured over fires. They found they had enough food to put away for the winter.

Hamburg Town Board Approves Revised 2011 Budget

This article originally appeared in the Hamburg Sun



Following a 3-to-2 vote this morning (Friday, Nov. 19), the Hamburg Town Board approved a revised 2011 budget, a spending plan that reduces the stipend for the position of budget officer, an office held by Hamburg Town Supervisor Steven Walters.

The proposal to reduce the original figure from $15,000 to $7,500 attracted enough votes, with Walters, Councilman Joe Collins and Councilwoman Amy Ziegler voting in favor of the budget, which had to be adopted by Saturday, or the tentative budget that included the $15,000 would have fone into effect. 

Councilmen Kevin Smardz and Jon Gorman voted against the revised budget.

Additional changes made to the budget included removing 3 percent pay raises for Walters and four other elected officials.

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HEALTHeLINK Unveils $16.1 Million Beacon Community Initiative to Fight Diabetes

BUFFALO, N.Y. – In June 2010, HEALTHeLINK received the largest Beacon Community Award in the United States from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Beacon Project was created to help communities use health information technology to forge cooperation and use resources effectively toward local priority health goals.

HEALTHeLINK was joined today by Dr. David Blumenthal, the point person for the national health information technology initiative, as well as other dignitaries, including Congressman Brian Higgins and New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Richard F.