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Introducing Ultimate Fairgoer 2013…….Marty Brownsey |

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Introducing Ultimate Fairgoer 2013…….Marty Brownsey
Introducing Ultimate Fairgoer 2013…….Marty Brownsey

The Erie County Fair holds a contest every year trying to find the person that just loves the Fair and almost reaches the level of “Fair Obsession”.  It is a very serious competition for the devoted fairgoer, and we are all pleased and proud to announce the winner of this year’s Erie County Fair Ultimate Fairgoer 2013 contest!

Meet the newest member of “our gang”, Marty Brownsey!!!  I was very happy to meet him and introduce him to a couple of others in our special group.  He met Terry Nawotka, Ultimate Fairgoer 2007 and Helene Edie, Ultimate Fairgoer 2011.  We all just happened to be in Slade Park together and had a fine time sharing some of our fair stories!

So here is some information on our newest Ultimate and just how he got that title.

Marty is from West Seneca. He was nominated by four people due to his love and passion for the Fair. His countdown begins the minute this year’s fair ends.

His sister nominated him because he comes as set up is taking place to meet the vendors ahead of time. He also builds relationships with the vendors and helps them countdown for the Fair as well. She also points out he posts on Facebook constantly reminding everyone of what is coming to the Fair and how many days are left.

One of his friends nominated him because he takes vacation during the Fair. She says that he is the Buffalo festival go-to-guy and the Fair is by far his favorite.  She also submitted a bunch of his Facebook posts showing his enthusiam.

Kimmy, the owner of Kimmy's Cupcakes here on the Fair nominated Marty because he was the first person to welcome her to Hamburg when she came to set up for the Fair. She said he constantly stopped in to make sure she was enjoying herself and of course was one of her best customers!

Another friend nominated him because he takes vacation during the days of the Fair and reminds everyone that they have to go. She says that he is the most enthusiastic person she knows when it comes to the Fair. 

After meeting Marty personally, I can say that I think that he was the perfect choice for the title.  His enthusiasm is contagious and you cannot help but know immediately that he is indeed loving every moment he spends on the Fairgrounds.  He rides in the Fair parade each day and  soaks in all the fame and notoriety that his new found title has gotten him. 

This special group of Ultimate Fairgoers has decided that we will reunite each year in Slade Park to share some smiles and stories.  Marty still has a few days left in his “reign” and I know that he will carry them out perfectly.  But, I also know, that a sad day for Marty and all of us is coming soon……yes, that is the dreaded day that our beloved Erie County Fair will end!!!  How can the 12 days have gone so fast?  But, with the ending of this year’s Fair comes the anticipation of next year.  Yes, the 175th Erie County Fair will be here in just 12 short months.  We all will begin our countdown the day after this year’s Fair is over.  We will be back on the Fairgrounds next year from August 6 – 17, 2014. We all look forward into playing a special part in the 175th celebration.

Marty, proud to know you and welcome you into our “Elite” Fair Group……Enjoy the rest of your Fair days…..and as always….will see you next year……”At The Fair”………




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